What is Cash Voucher Used For?

Posted on: January 25, 2014

What is Cash Voucher?

Cash vouchers are nothing but an accounting document that is generally used to record petty cash payments and also support payments of small amounts of cash to the employees in a particular organization or any business under the petty cash systems. It is a small form of vouchers which is often used to record transaction from the petty cash fund. It is small amount of cash and coins that an organization uses for minor purchases and providing change to the customers. This petty cash vouchers are also called as petty cash receipts. Cash vouchers are generally used to maintain the financial control of the cash accounts and mismanagement of the funds. A cash voucher is standard form kept by the cash custodian.

How to Use Petty Cash Vouchers?

In businesses, if you need small cash expenses without the receipt for example taxi fare, you sign a small form with all the required details, give it to the cashier who will then refunds the fare. This form is usually called as a cash vouchers. Cash vouchers are considered as proper way of adequate records of expenses for an auditing purpose. The cash custodian uses the cash vouchers to reconcile the petty cash funds. Petty cash vouchers are typically used by merchandising company or small stores which is required to make change for the customer purchases.

What are the Advantages of Using Cash Vouchers?

Cash voucher is simple voucher written receipt used for the purpose of cash payment. When someone wants to withdraw the cash from petty cash fund, that person fills out the cash voucher mentioning the reason for the withdrawal and in return he or she receives cash from the petty cash custodian in exchange. If a person who is requesting cash because he or she wants compensation for an expense they have already paid from their own funds, then they should attach the relevant receipt from the original purchase transaction to the cash voucher. The cash voucher is a piece of a paper which usually can be exchanged for goods and cash can further be paid by the some other person or on some coming date. Cash voucher design should contain all the required details. It should include the information like name of the issuer, name of the recipient, an amount for which the voucher was issued, date of the payment etc. The cash voucher will be drafted just like a bill and contain the maturity date of the vouchers.

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