What is Calendars All About? Benefits, Importance & Printing

Posted on: May 16, 2015

In this era of smart phones and ipads, there are number of apps can be downloaded to keep remind the birthday’s and important things like meeting and all. Still, Calendars plays a vital role in our daily life.

Importance of the Calendars

As we know, calendars helps us to keep remind a different important dates. This is the common use of a calendar. Nowadays, different professional organisation launches a calendars to promote their brand or for different purpose too. Calendars also help to checkout various occasions coming in year. Hence, calendars printing Dubai is a significant process that needs appropriate consideration.

Way to Format the Layout of Calendars

It is very crucial thing that you prepare the layout of a calendar in proper way. They can be in different forms like poster-sized, pocket-sized or it may contain a multiple pages. To make a calendar dynamic, you can make it with the help of graphics designing. Date in calendar may contain different colours like holidays should indicate by red fonts.

Calendar’s design

Always use a high quality of paper to make calendar. Do not make a calendar having a small text to which you will not be able to read the text. According to me, larger calendars are more attractive than the smaller ones. And you can also merge some pictures with the texts to make it little more attractive if you want. But, do not use boring old designs in it. Always try to add some eye catching pictures, so that people will look forward to flip the page each and every month. Try to make a calendar of 10”*10” for ex. Make the calendars durable and sturdy.

Printing calendars

First of all, make a sample of calendar before printing it in a bulk. Because sometimes what happens the colour on your screen may not actually match the colour that comes out after they are printed. So, always keep this point in mind. Otherwise the loss will be yours only.

Calendar’s format:

There are some format of calendars is given to you:

  • A4 portrait or landscape for the wall
  • A3 portrait or landscape for the wall
  • Booklet types
  • A5 desktop and DL desktop format calendars
  • Format of an envelope
  • Fridge magnet
  • Slim and midi wall hanging types