What are the Different Kinds of Greeting Cards?

Posted on: April 28, 2015

What is Greeting Card?

A greeting card is simply the card used to send to convey the good wishes to your friends, family members, colleagues etc. It is used to express the personal greetings. Sending greeting cards is the best way to send holiday wishes and some special sentiments to your family member, friends, and colleagues. There are dozens of the categories available in the market for any happy occasion whichever you want. Nowadays it is a trend to send greeting cards to the person whom you love and want to share feelings with them. Without the doubt, giving greeting cards always leaves a good impression. Many businessmen also send greeting cards to their customers as a corporate greeting card gift items.

Different Types of Greeting Cards

Some of the categories of greeting cards are discussed below which will help you in selecting cards.

Standard Greeting Cards
A standard greeting card is generally made up of card stock and it is rectangular in shape and folded with the pictures of decorative contents on the front page. Usually a high quality papers are used to make this greeting cards. Some fancy materials such as glitters, ribbon, laces, golf leaves are used to create the standard greeting cards.

Personalized Greeting Cards
Some of the websites allow the costumers to personalize greeting cards according to their desire with the help of some special personalization technology which is then printed and sent directly to the customers.

Photo Greeting Cards
This type of the greeting cards is mostly used and comes in two types. The first type is actually photo insert cards in which the hole has been given in the center to insert photo inside it. The second type is printed photo cards in which the picture is combined with an artwork and then printed directly onto the front page of card. Both the types of cards are most popular for sending holiday greetings.

Musical Greeting Cards
Recently greeting cards have been made in such order that when it opened it plays some sound or music. They are mostly used on the birthday celebration which plays a traditional birthday song like Happy Birthday to You. It is commonly 3D handmade greeting cards.

Electronic Greeting Cards
You must have an idea that greeting cards can also be send electronically. Many social networking sites such as Facebook enable you to send greeting cards. Flash based cards can be sent by an email. This is also called as E-cards. In this era, technology enables you to send greeting cards on mobile phones also through the text messages.

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