What are Business Cards?

Posted on: December 31, 2013

Business Card is a simple and effective tool which helps in promoting business, brand and a unique identification for the business. It is an element of great importance which brings success and future to the company. It is also a cost effective and powerful marketing tool which can be used by both large and small companies for their business. It is the first step where people go for marketing their business or services.

They are effective promotional tools which reflect your company, your business and of course you. Even if you are a skillful businessman, a poorly designed card helps you with nothing. So, a business card should be well designed.

Significance of Business Cards

Business Cards printing Dubai is most essential for any business; it is as important as having a website. It helps in promoting a business quickly and easily. Personal communication can be made easy with it. It helps in gaining a first impression from others. They may look small but they play a major role in the business.

How to design a business card?

A business card must be designed in a way that it should easily attract other person, as well as the business and the contacts must be promoted. To attract the customers it is not necessary to add more colors and designs into it, too much of designs and colors will spoil the information to be delivered. It should be simple, attractive as well as informative. In the business cards Logo and title of the business, name of the entrepreneur and the company, Website URL, Email Id and Telephone Numbers must be added so that a client can contact the entrepreneur. And the photograph of the entrepreneur can be added so that he/she can be easily recognized. By listing the services and products the company offers the actual clients can be easily reached.

Why Ink drops for Business Cards?

  • High Quality Business Card Designs
  • Affordable Rates
  • Designing with Latest Techniques
  • Attracting many customers
  • Increased Durability
  • Aesthetic and Functional Quality Designs
  • Professional Look
  • Design in such a way that it can be duplicated or redesigned.
  • Full color business cards
  • Charming and good looking designs
  • Full color printing
  • Ultra violet gloss coating and silk coating
  • Printing on both sides