UAE National Day Items Bring Smile To One’s Face

Posted on: September 17, 2014

The 43rd national day on 2nd December 2014 is going to be a big day for United Arab Emirates and celebration is also going to be on a vast level. As the years are passing the level of celebration of the national day is becoming higher and higher. To make this celebration a huge event UAE national items are distributed among the audience that makes people happy.

Celebrate The Glorious Day With UAE National Day Items

National day items may be anything which displays the logo i.e. the symbol or we can say colors of UAE national flag like badges, key chains, pens, pins, etc. As United Arab Emirates (UAE) has earned the name of the Happiest Nation then it is our duty to maintain this name by distributing happiness among all Emirati by giving them UAE national day gift items. In 1968 British authority has announced that they would end all treaty relationships with these seven Crucial Coasts areas on 1st December 1971 which has been under the British protection. And on 2nd December 1971, Sheikh Zayed united the six out of seven emirates along with several other tribes to form a modern day UAE, and that’s why this day is marked as the UAE’s Formal national day. And after one year i.e. in 1972 the seventh emirate also joined the United Arab Emirates with the spirit of union.

Occasions Become More Important When It Comes To Gifting Items

The modern day UAE is a unique blend of modernity, religion and tradition. Every year the UAE national day gets celebrated with pride and with the spirit of union. There are many UAE national day items available like USB, caps, badges, pins, mobile stands, key chain, puzzles, wrist bands and even luxury and branded watches are also there having the logo or the symbol of the spirit of union UAE nation flag. The UAE metal badges can be easily fit to our any traditional outfit like Abaya and Kandura as it has a round magnet behind it.

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