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The big day is to arrive with our 43rd UAE National Day 2014 celebration on 2nd December. The preparations are on their full swing to welcome the glorious day. This day marks the UAE's formal nationalization from the authority of the British which ended on December 1, 1971. Sheikh Zayed united the seven emirates and several other tribes in 1971 to form our modern-day UAE, which is a unique blend of tradition, religion and modernity.

The day will be celebrated with pride and with the spirit of union of the 43rd National day. To rejoice this day get our UAE's National day metal badges online. The round magnet behind it can easily fit our traditional outfits i.e. Kandooras and Abayas. Pin the National flag logo badges on your kandooras and let the patriotism drive you and rejoice, as it is an auspicious day for UAE.

Celebrate United Arab Emirates National Day With UAE National Day Gift Items

The magnificent day has its own charm when whole of the UAE contribute in some other way to the celebration by patriotic marches, air shows etc. Make sure you wear our UAE National day badges when you go out to celebrate. We have a variety range of badges that include magnetic badges, rectangular and round badges, aluminium badges, golden glory badges and many more to choose from.

Boast the high spirits of the UAE Independence Day by using accessories like USB, caps and mobile stands having logos on it. Be a complete national by using other logo and flag printed accessories like wristbands, pens, shopping bags, power bank etc.

Make Occasion More Important With UAE National Day Item

Let the red, green, white and black fever engulf for you, your family and friends with the UAE flag key chain and pins on your attires. Gift any of the accessories to make our strong national bond perpetual and to share the sentiment of unity. Buy key chains and puzzles for the younger ones at your place. We keep variety range of badges and accessories to choose from that will make you enjoy the spirit of union and togetherness. Get the best quality badges and accessories here in the whole of UAE. Hurry up and order the badges and accessories for the coming 43rd National day as you must not holdup for the country who makes you prosperous and keeps you united.

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