Celebrate This Auspicious UAE National Day Dubai Wide

Posted on: September 20, 2014

From the British Protectorate Treaties, the United Arab Emirates became an independent and union making its formal naturalization on December 2, 1971. The eventual unification of the seven emirates named as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fuairah, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain and Ras al-Khiamah also took place in the same year and forming the modern day country which is now popularly known as the UAE. UAE’s national day depicts the people’s happiness and spirit of unity and it is celebrated on the same date each year either for two days or more.

Show Spirit Of Unity Across The Country By Celebrating UAE National Day Dubai Wide

During this celebration of UAE national day Dubai wide each year, there are plenty of outdoor activities to look forward and enjoy. Well decorated cars are one of the attractions. In Abu Dhabi, the country’s capital also people arrive in decorated cars around the city where celebrations are held. For videographers and photographers this is a perfect site to capture as everyone drives through the street to get the attention of audiences. UAE also has flag raising ceremony like any other countries during this event. To show the spirit across the country, flag hoisting is

Visiting Dubai Is Worth On This 43rd UAE National Day

On this holiday, where the celebration is given a blend of the modern and the traditional treatment for UAE national day Dubai is one of the emirates worth visiting. In UAE people hangs a monster size national flag in their homes. The atmosphere of the metropolis is very festive on its UAE national day Dubai wide with colorful and attractive nightlife. The cityscape vistas are uniquely breathtaking and no one can resist taking videos and pictures to capture the moment. The UAE National Day in Dubai offers an amazing and remarkable experience and there is no doubt in it.

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