Types of Shopping Bags That Can Be Designed

Posted on: September 24, 2013

Shopping bags are used from ages; the difference is that, time has changed the styles of using it. It is a myth that they are used only by women; they are used by everybody but women know better how to utilize them,they carry it more efficiently than men.Shopping bags now a day are made such that they can also be carried to places like colleges, parties etc.

Nowadays gift wrapping papers have replaced by shopping bags. This way it looks elegant to present and the extra effort of wrapping is avoided. It gives a professional look when you customize shopping bags for your company. They can be made in various styles and with different materials.

Types of shopping bags:

  • Canvas bags:
  • They are generally made of recycled canvas, and can have long or a short canvas handle according to your requirement. They look very ethnic and smart to use. They are durable but care should be taken to make it strong if raw canvas is being used. Use these bags if your products are sporty and outgoing. Print in styles that look rugged and go with the trend.

  • Cotton bags:
  • Cotton bags are handy in usage and making. They are easy to dye and you can get variety of shades in these bags. Generally referred as cloth bag, they are durable and used vastly by every age group. They can be printed in different manners from a simple grocery bag to a trendy sack bag.

  • Tote bags:
  • They are known for their simple handles and strength. They are made from different material like starch of tapioca plants, discarded rice bags, jute etc. They are in trend because they are tough and fashionable.

  • PVC bags:
  • These bags are very attractive, strong and reusable. They look stylish because of their transparency. They come in many shades and are cost effective. Size of the bags can be variedbased on your need and these are popularly used as a major marketing tool.

  • Paper bags:
  • These paper bags are no different from other bags except their delicacy. They look really good to gift, and also have variety of types as paper types differ according to the user like handmade paper, brown paper etc. These bags are used for products like apparels and jewelry.

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