What are the Types of Packaging Tapes?

Posted on: February 17, 2014

Packaging Tapes
Packaging tapes are one of the most widely used industrial tapes. These packaging tapes are most commonly used in tapes in shipping and inventory management today. Packaging tapes can be used in various applications which normally include printing, lamination, metalizing, stationery, cable wraps, insulation, pressure sensitive tapes, flexible packaging etc.

On the general basis, packaging tapes have two applications, first sealing storage boxes and second sealing shipping boxes. These tapes are specifically made for packaging purpose. The packaging tape comes in the variety of colors, lengths and widths. They can also vary in the materials and adhesive used to make tapes.

Types of Packaging Tapes

Pressure Sensitive Tapes

This type of adhesive packaging tape consists of a sticky tape. It can be one sided or double sided which is generally applied by the light pressure. The material used for the tape ranges from the plastics, films, papers, metal sheets, textiles or composite materials. The sticky adhesive packaging tapes works without thermal application or any other related chemical like as acids or solvents.

Water Activated Adhesive Packaging Tapes

These packaging tapes are also known as gum paper tape. These packaging tapes consist of sheets of craft papers and added the starch glue or animal glue. The tape become sticky and adheres to surface only after applying water. It can come in the single layer, double layer. The adhesives used in the packaging tape can be asphalt or hot melted polypropylene. Water activated packaging tapes can be used for many purpose like closing the box, envelopes or other receptacles.

Heat Activated Packaging Tapes

When the heat source is applied then this type of packaging tape is mostly used. These tapes are extensively used in the sealing boxes and packaging such as in the cigarette packaging. Other types of thermal tapes can be released when heated. They are specially used in the semiconductor industry.

Features and Performance of Packaging Tapes

Packaging tapes are highly used adhesive tapes because of its unique combinational properties like as better ability to shrinkage, seal, stiffness, transparency, and barrier and twist retention. They are commonly used for the packaging purpose of the diverse products. The packaging tapes are prepared from the premium quality raw materials and are also used in ducting and thermal spray masking, EMI and RFI shielding etc.

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