What are the Types of Business Envelopes?

Posted on: February 6, 2014

An envelope is nothing but common packaging item which is generally made up of thin flat material and designed in order to contain the flat objects such as card or letter. A traditional envelope is usually made up of the thin sheets of the papers and can be in different sizes like rhombus, square, rectangles, short arm cross or a kite. Envelopes are actually the cut from the paper and it is made to enclose a letter or a document which offers both protection and mail ability. The most recognizable feature of an envelope is its sealable top flap. Nowadays the business envelopes are extremely used at the business level.

What is Business Envelopes?

Business is nothing but the shipping of the documents or some packages at the daily basis. At the corporate level, it is an important thing to have right kind of shipping supplies in a hand whenever you need them. From this point of view, business envelopes are especially designed to carry numbers of shipping applications. Here we will discuss some of the business envelopes that are used on the office level.

Types of Business Envelopes

Followings are some kinds of the business envelopes and their uses are discussed.

Catalog Envelopes
These are the large format business envelopes which is designed to send such documents which are many pages long for example report or booklet. The catalog envelopes are durable to use. Choosing the catalog envelopes would be beneficial for the businessperson when it is impractical to fold the documents into the normal business envelopes.

Rigid Document Envelopes
Rigid business envelopes are made up of cardstock or cardboard and designed in order to carry the documents which are unable to fold like photos or other fragile documents. The rigid document envelopes are more water resistant than that of thin paper envelopes. The outer side of the rigid document envelopes usually has the semi-gloss coating.

Standard Security Envelopes
Standard Security envelope is one of the business stationeries which is commonly used and ideal for sending the invoices and types of correspondence for the confidential information. The inner side of the security envelopes are printed which does not allow reading the text through the outer side of envelopes.

Pocket Envelopes
Pocket envelopes are smaller than the usual ones. Pocket envelopes are generally used to store mailing receipts, photos, coupons, passports, traveler’s checks and photos etc. This kind of envelopes comes with the variations. The smaller one may look same as that of the banker envelopes.

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