Different Types Of Brochures Printing

Posted on: September 17, 2013

Brochures technically provide a lead to the client as what to do next. The content on the brochure are of immense importance with respect to sales. It is directly proportional to the presentation of your brochure. Brochures really work as they have dual advantage. They mean individual requests to customers unlike other marketing tool and major details about your product can be included because of extra space. These brochures are of great use in trade fares as the client is in a mindset to get details of your company.

If you are not sure about the type of brochure to be used, here are some of the types brochures listed below. There are various types of brochures that can suit your purpose, based on their usability and size.

Types of brochures according to usability:

  • Supplementary brochures: These brochures are generally colored brochures which give additional information about your company or product. They are used to give a complete overview about your business. They are usually used in seminars and conferences.
  • Direct mail brochures: They can be mailed directly to your customers’ doorstep along with other promotional materials. For this you will have to prepare a mailing list of the regular customers and first timers. Market study is essential for this kind of brochure.
  • Brochures Printing: They are used at the time of launching a new product or releasing an offer. They are handed over with the gift vouchers and discount coupons. This is a sure shot marketing tool as a person would definitely look into the brochure when he avails the discounts.

Types of brochures according to the size:

  • Flat sheets: There are commonly A4 size sheets that are used as a brochure. They contain fair space to write your content. But don’t be tempted to write everything in that single page. Use images to convey your messages and properly arrange your data.
  • 2- Fold brochures: They are used to divide the data systematically in 4 parts. The main advantage of these brochures is, they are cost effective and you can market 2-3 products independently on separate flaps. They look organized and are easy for your customer to carry.
  • 3-Fold brochures: They are similar to 2-fold brochures in the way of folding but have total 6 flaps, 3 in front and 3 at the back. Take care that your crease does not overlap your images and content. Include the logo and name on the first page with the offer. Do not just give the offer, make your offer an opportunity!

There are no compulsions on the size and type of brochures. You can always customize your brochure with different sizes and colors. Here at Inkdrops, you will get the best brochures printing Dubai at affordable prices.