Steps To Design A Brochure

Posted on: October 18, 2013

Brochure designing seems to be an easy job but it turns out to be tricky when you have to get appropriate returns out of it. It should be designed in a manner that it attracts your target customers specifically and portray it as if the brochure was made only for them and caters their need. Let’s go through some steps that help you design brochure in an organized manner.

  • Determine your purpose: Before designing the brochure think of questions like is it absolutely necessary to design a brochure,Is it to promote your brand or to announce a new one or invite for a business? Your brochure should have a motive to fulfill and should be designed on the same lines.
  • Know you customers: Do a brief market research before designing the brochure for the likes and dislikes of your target customer. Try to identify the needs of your customer their expectations from the product. This will help you a lot in designing the brochure.
  • Choose an appropriate printing partner: Printing services provide you with the latest trends and their experiences. Choosing it right is important as printing quality is very important. If not taken care of you may end up reprinting your material. Therefore always ask for a sample before giving order.
  • Decide your budget: Your brochure budget should be according to your marketing program. If it is in excess or less than required then losses may have to be incurred. Do not get attracted to low cost printing as it may prove to be waste time and resources.
  • Decide your brochure content and design: Decide what all data has to be printed in your brochure, then filter it, modify it and finalize the content. Use attractive images and designs in it. Decide on the type of the brochure you are willing to prepare according to your content.
  • Editing: Although you may perceive that the brochure is designed perfectly but there might be something you missed that should be included or some things might seem insignificant later. Editing is done to make it look perfect.
  • Proofreading: Get it proofread by more than three people. Take care they are from different backgrounds so that you can get varied suggestions.It really helps to point-out mistakes in your design.
  • Do your work pre-hand: Do not wait for the last moment to get it printed. Good design and printing need considerable time. Design the time frame in which you will need your brochure ready. Convey it to your printing partner accordingly.

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