How To Use Shopping Bags For Marketing

Posted on: September 18, 2013

Marketing is done to make people aware about your company and keep reminding them about the products and services provided by you. Various means can be used for this purpose, but what better than highlighting your company to the customers at the time of actual purchase. This can be done by using a shopping bag. Shopping bags are a part of our day to day life. They are found in each and every house. Shopping bag is a weapon when used the right way for a marketer.

Though these are not new as marketing tool, they can be made attractive with innovative ideas. You may think how shopping bags can it be promotional tool though it is distributed when somebody purchases your product. It is after sales promotion as when somebody carries your company bag it acts as a promotional tool.

What material should be used for shopping bags?

The art lies in designing your shopping bag. Your company is rated according to your shopping bag. The more up to date your shopping bag, more successful your company is perceived. Shopping bags come in various materials like jute, PVC, paper, cotton, linen, plastic etc. you can choose from any of these or you can try a completely new material for your bags.

Common people now a day are responsible towards the ecosystem and take great care to safeguard it. You convey a message through your bags, use reusable Eco friendly shopping bags Dubai to create an image of an eco-friendly company. Plastic is now out of use because of its ecological effects. Use appropriate material that gives a positive message about your company.

How to design shopping bags?

Shopping bags should be kept simple and elegant with you company’s logo and tagline on it. Try to use brilliant bright colors because they are lively and it is said that bright colors boost your shopping tendencies. Logo and tagline look good when printed on bright colors and are visible from a distance.

Use catchy lines on the shopping bag that may be a slogan or a simple smart line like,” crazy shopper”. Take into account which type of shopping bag you want to make. You can use simple canvas bags that recycled from canvas or tote bags which are of great demand in the market. Tote bags are durable bags which are made of various materials and look attractive. Paper bags are also a popular shopping bag as many prints and images can be used efficiently.

Shopping bags can have various shapes and strong twisted thread handles which make them very durable, easy to load and comfortable to carry. Design your shopping bags ingeniously and print with the best in class printers here at Inkdrops printing services, Dubai.