Rubber Stamps And Their Types

Posted on: October 12, 2013

Stamps are the oldest means of authentication in official and legal proceedings. Though they have undergone many changes in type and usability, stamps are still the best way to individualize a firm. Stamps are compulsory in each and every document like agreement, contracts etc., hence it is necessary for companies to have their own personalized rubber stamps Dubai . Apart from this they are also used to personalize your regular office stationary. Stamps for dates and places can reduce your repetitive work remarkably.

They are no more made of hard metal now a day and its usability has also extended to crafts and other uses. With the advent of technology various designs can also be used in stamps along with the text. These areof various shapes and sizes and can be modified according to your requirement. With the blooming art and craft different color stamps have gained popularity in children. They are also used as a gift article as they are not that expensive.

Types of Rubber Stamps

  • Traditional stamps:They are simple stamps and are most commonly used. They have separate inkpad as an ink source. They generally have inferior ink quality as compared to self inking stamps and pre inked stamps. They are inexpensive and are used where precision is not required. They come in various shapes and sizes and different colored inkpads also can be used.
  • Self inking stamps: They are modern type of stamps which have ink source in the stamps itself. They reduce the iterative work of using the inkpad for every stamp made. They are less expensive than the pre inked stamps but have considerably good quality as compared to the traditional stamps. Self inking stamps generally have water based ink and the cartridge can be replaced as and when required. They also come in variety of sizes, shapes and colors.
  • Pre inked stamps: They are latest stamps with high precision. They include a die which is a part of the stamp. This removes the need of using a separate ink pad. They have great quality which has high level accuracy in stamping. They are expensive than other stamps but look impressive and highly professional. These type of stamps can give you over thousands stamps before giving signs of fading away.
  • Pocket stamps:They are stamps that can fit in your handbags, suit cases etc. preferable for people who are mostly of office for professional work.
  • Designing an impressive stamp is also very important for your company. Get high quality stamps made at Inkdrops printing services Dubai.