Why To Use Round Corner Business Cards?

Posted on: November 25, 2013

Businesses need a strong affiliation to their clients because of the strong competition in the market. How you meet a person first time decides what relation you will make with them after, if any are made. Therefore apart from giving good offers and promises, it is required that you make your client believe that you can do it. This can be done through good work, personal appearance and your business card. Business cards are a window to the soul of your company. People can easily make snap judgments about you just by seeing your outer shell. Hence it is required to be careful about it.

Business card are more than a necessity, they are a very old and great marketing tool. They are relevant throughout the deal from the first meet till you close the deal, but only difference is that they change hands. Special care has to be taken while designing your cards.

What is round corner business cards?

Round corner business cards are not very different from other business cards. They are same size as of credit cards and fits easily in your wallet without getting stuck anywhere. This helps you because it very convenient for the client to slip it in his wallet. These cards have an elegant look and are generally laminated. Varnish coating can also be done to protect it. Glossy or matt finish laminated business cards look sophisticated and there durability also increases.

While designing round corner business cards give attention to the arrangement of the details on your card as they do not have corners. Contact details are mostly written on right corner of the business card but a card without corners may prove tricky to place these details. You can keep your contact details on the top right side by keeping space for the curve or in centre bottom of the card. These cards look impressive and new to eyes. You can also use back of the card for giving details relevant to your business.

Where to get round business cards printed in Dubai?

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