How To Design Roll Up Banners For Marketing

Posted on: September 4, 2013

Roll up banner is a very effective marketing tool. They have become a trend now a day as they are cost effective, save time and are handy. If you want to market/advertise somewhere all you have to do is carry a bag that contains the roll up banner and assemble it at the location. They have an elegant style and they look neat without the tapes and pins used for the normal banners.

Roll up banners are generally used for trade fares, exhibitions, and shows but can also be used as welcome banner, a directional banner and for many other purposes. These are alluring pieces that stand erect and boldly describe your product. The types of banner you use not only describe your product but also the company.

Designing a banner

  • Before designing a banner thorough research should be done about the product, the market and the audience you are planning to target. Vague ideas would not result into a profitable banner.
  • Be specific about the product and do not generalize it with the product category. A mixed bag of products on one banner may save some of your money, but will fail to attract customers.
  • Roll up banners have a limited graphical area which has to be utilized to display all the details of the product. It should convey the right message. These banners are rendered useless if the design is not appropriate.
  • Normally these banners are placed in passage ways, beside the table or at the entrance, therefore the designing should be such that the message should be conveyed with just a glance.
  • Be innovative about the concepts and colors depending upon your product. Fonts and background should match in a way that it is readable.
  • The size of the banner depends on the room you have to place it. According to your need they can be of wall size or table size.
  • Roll up banner Dubai is made according to your requirement. Accordingly the frames come in various dimensions and are of different materials. You can choose a frame which matches your banner. There are aluminum frames, black frames or customized colored frames to choose from.
  • Some banners come with color lamps at the back to illuminate the banner; they create catchy and lasting impression.
    • You may choose your banner depending on your budget, but choosing even that bit wisely is important.