Effective Method of Marketing with Recycled Business Cards

Posted on: November 15, 2013

Switch to eco-friendly printing to save our environment. Printing eco friendly recycled business cards saves the mother earth from further pollution, destruction and can save the planet for the future. Use recycled paper stocks when printing or ask for recycled paper for any of your business cards printing Dubai requirements. Not only that it is helpful for the environment, but it saves money and effort as well.

Make an Impression with Recycled Business Cards

Recycling doesn’t only mean sending discarded items for re-processing it means finding ways to reuse perfectly good items. Just because something is no longer needed for its primary purpose doesn’t mean it should be discarded. Creativity can be expressed through recycled business cards as well they contribute highly in saving our planet also. The green printers are becoming increasing popular among users and are considered to be a variable option for everyone. These printers are considered to have the best product in the market as they can recycle paper product by controlling emissions.

What are the Benefits of Recycled Business Card Printing?

  • Eco Friendly Process: Go for recycled card printing done by some of the companies ho which works for the environment concept. There are many online printers who have stock of organic ink and recycled paper both are used for protecting the earth from harmful chemicals.
  • Vegetable Based Ink: Vegetable ink is made of soybeans and it is organic. Such inks are available in all types of colors and they are friendly in printing process. Soy based inks used on papers can be easily recycled. It dries quickly and also cuts down carbon emissions which are harmful for the eco logical system.
  • Quality Paper Stocks: Today various types of recycled paper are available for printing services. Go for the highest quality of recycled paper which has been approved by certified groups.
  • Customized Size and Cuts: You can go for the traditional size of the business card or go for double sided recycled business cards or opt for a completely different size. You can go for different die-cuts such as half circle sides, rounded from the corners and rounded one corner or leaf.

Save More Trees with Recycled Business Cards

Many companies are using hundred percent recycled papers. It helps them to impress their clients as it shows their contribution towards the environment. Recycled business cards look similar to traditional business cards. Recycled paper also comes in different varieties and some come with little grainier and some without grainier. The business cards printed on recycled paper have the same value as the cards printed on the glossy or ordinary paper. Ink Drop provides eco friendly printing service in Dubai. We offer printing service for flyers till banners and from business cards till brochures printing in an affordable price.