Some Evergreen Gift Giving Trends

Posted on: May 8, 2015

Giving presents to employees are in trend now. There is no particular season for corporate gift-giving. It totally depends on which industry you belongs to. Every industry has a different way to honor their employees and business clients. It may be a holiday season or a festive season, time doesn’t matter what matters is presents.

We will advise you to go with some evergreen options as they will always be in trend and they will fit in your budgets as well. Following are few examples read them carefully and pick suitable one for you:

  • One of the most evergreen gifting options is greeting cards they are still the best gift option for clients and employees. However, accessories, food, apparel, and beverages are considering as well. And different electronic gadgets are also overtaking popularity. Now days in market you will find wide variety of gift options. But a wise way to pick perfect one is: which is in trend, suits your budget, and most importantly make the receiver feels wow.
  • Another one is promotional gifts, as the name itself defines that it is related to promotional activity. These kinds of gifts are taken as a direct opportunity which helps to grow your brand. When you place your brand name and logo on things like greeting cards, calendars or any other gifting item, it means the receiver will remember your brand each and every time when they use or see the present. You can take help of product consultant to achieve right effect. Promotional gifts were always in trend as they promote your brand and give a personal feel to receiver.
  • Tiered giving is becoming popular in recent time. As this structure is not only gives economic sense but it also gives you an opportunity to choose gifts according to your audience. Like for your top clients you can pick higher value gifts and to rest give budget friendly items. Like if you are giving gadgets to your top clients, give digital clocks, eco friendly items or greeting cards to the rest.

Always try to differentiate between top clients, normal clients and employees. As the priorities are different their gifts should be different. It will help you to maintain your budget.