Types of Printing For Business Cards

Posted on: October 15, 2013

Business card is the identity of your business. They are the first physical thing that is exchanged in your business hence it should make appropriate impact. Business cards are necessary to maintain personal contacts. It is a formal way of exchanging your contact information with the other person by giving your card. It is also a gesture to express the intent to take the meeting with your client or person to the next level.

The business card depicts the level of professionalism in a person. The perfection, appropriateness and innovativeness of your card itself are enough to make an opinion about you. It should be realized that different types of businesses require different cards. Making your card according to the business type poses a great impact on your business. Card must differ for different things. This adds a specialty to your card.

According to your business and requirement you can get many types of business cards. Some are mentioned below.

  • Personal business card:Many people do not put an emphasis on their business while in a meeting. They depend on their personality and talent for success of their business. They use personalized business card. They are the most commonly used and are not inclined to a specific business. They can be shared with everybody including your personal relations.
  • Marketing business card: Business cards printing Dubai for a marketing professional is a weapon. They are always made after a thorough study of the customer end. These cards can be used as a promotional tool by using it as gift voucher, announcement of an event or new product etc. They are to be designed smartly so that they can help you seal the deal.
  • Trade business cards: People from trade and manufacturing have a different type of card. The card is more inclined to the business they are into. Suppose a rubber industry personal may have business card made of rubber and an automobile industry may have its card of the shape of a car or a tyre etc. This gives an idea to the viewer on first look what type of business a person has.
  • Corporate business card:They are more company centered than being business or industry centered. Their design usually is standard for all the employees of a company with some of their personalized data. The name of the company and logo are the most important thing that is to be displayed and the person owning the card represents the company.

Though whatever type of card suits you choosing an appropriate printing services is important. Inkdrops printing services provide you with best quality printing and experienced professional at your service.