Things To Be Avoided While Printing A Flyer

Posted on: November 1, 2013

Advertising is a costly affair. You need to put in time, people and money to achieve what you are targeting. Apart from that you also should go in a right direction. Marketing with flyers is a cheap but tried and tested method to reach to maximum of the population. They save your time as you don’t have to approach each and every person individually.

Flyers are distributed in public places where density of your target customer is more or with other promotion materials like presentation folder etc. Flyers are beneficial in finding potential customers. If designed flawless it can actually bring you many customers and build your image in the market. But you must take special care while designing it. Here are some things that you should avoid in flyer printing Dubai.

  • Too much data makes it look fuzzy. Try to be short but smart. Consolidate the data, filter it and plan well. When a person glances at your flyer, the same moment they should understand what it is all about. Too much content may not look even attractive enough to read. Try and include images as they convey more.
  • Never tell what the product does. If you list out features of a product it may not look anything unusual. Like if I have a food processor as my product, writing that it cuts chops and kneads may not click the mind of the customer. Instead say “make delicious juices at push of a button”, “no more flour on your forehead” etc. This connects to your customer well.
  • Never use your business name as headline. Customer is not bothered about your business they only see what they are in search for. This is a proven psychology. So never make that blunder. And if in some case you wish to do it then include the company name with its use like “live the dream of posing like a model with dreamlight’s photography at 30% off”. They are catchy and grab the attention easily.
  • Make a strong call to action as it is the most important. Including only your contact details will not do the trick. Make them visit your site by telling them what they will find there. Tell them to make a phone call to find more exciting offers. It is all about motivating them to be your customer.

Take care of these few details while designing your flyer or else we can do it for you in Dubai at Inkdrops printing services. We print premium quality flyers at affordable prices.