Colored Printed Business Cards Get Higher Note Of Attraction

Posted on: August 3, 2015

Did you actually know that just by choosing a correct color and layout you could control the amount of attention your printed business card gets? You and I can never really fathom why the human mind works in intriguing ways. There are certain colors that can attract an individual more than other colors and there is enough research to support this fact. In the world of commerce, the black and white subtle business cards have been famous for ages and now also it have been popular due to its professional eminence. You can only hope to have a different style by adopting contemporary and modern methods of business card printing as there are so many businesses out there to compete with you.

Colored Printed Business Cards Get The Higher Note Of Attraction

It is not necessary that you are not supposed to experiment with full color print business cards, until and unless you deal with creative products. By using a multitude of colors, the businesses that deal with creative aspects like advertising, music and entertainment they flaunt their creativity, whereas if your business does not fall into any one of this category then you can go with mono-colored business cards. It is proven in many researches that colored printed business cards get the higher note of attraction as compared to those black and white cards.

Amongst these, the red and blue are the most effective colors for the printed business card templates. These colors control the cognitive response of human brain very well than anything else. To make your business cards too flashy, use the shades of red and blue and make the fonts used prominent and less visible. If your business card has a red background than the response towards it is higher and strong while blue cards intrigue the onlooker into creative thinking. These multi-colors create a positive impact over your clients.

Our Business Card Designs Reflects The Quality Of Your Business

Juzzygraphics is one of the best business cards printing Dubai service provider that use the best possible color and font style which will perfectly complement the background color of your printed business cards. The metal and plastic business cards could also incorporate these colors in the design may be in partially colored backgrounds or full backdrop color. We also experiment with other colors as in general color spell contemporary and customer attention have higher intensities. You just remember that our business card designs and colors can be a reflection of the quality and the nature of your business so that you can get your job done with professional consultation.