Print Stationary With The Perfectionist

Posted on: September 5, 2013

Nowadays using customized stationary has become a part of promotion and shows professionalism. When you use diaries and notepads with the company’s name printed, they become your company’s asset. All the stationary material with standardized color scheme and fonts can make a lasting impression on your customer as it portrays a sense of discipline.

Promotion is not only done with flyers, banners and promotional gift articles but also through the small stationary materials used day in and day out. When they are distributed in conferences, meetings or as a gift article they act as a promotional tool, as they keep reminding them about your company whenever they use it. Stationary material has a considerable penetration power as every person uses some or the other stationary material you distribute. The person using your customized stationary printing services always has your companies name on his mind.

What should be printed?

Primarily the matter printed on the Stationary is the logo, company name, your company’s tagline and phone no. You can add or deduct according to the stationary, like for a letter head you can also add the executive’s phone no. company’s address etc. For Notepads Company’s name, its logo and tagline are enough.

Printing in styles:

  • Stationary also include your visiting cards, invitation cards, identity cards, membership cards and vouchers. Depending upon the stationary you can use with different methods of printing.
  • Engraved and embossed prints give a three dimensional effect. Different papers can be used according to your requirement like silk, cotton, handmade papers. They are known as Thermography or raised printing.
  • Laser printing is another way of printing. It creates smooth prints and can be used in many color combinations. Laser printers employ a xerographic printing process which makes it faster.
  • Off- set printers create flat prints and are also known as lithographic prints. Plates are created for printing and the print is transferred to a rubber blanket then to a printing surface. All colors and various color mixes can be used.
  • Ink jet printing is also a popular printing form. It is affordable and different color combinations are an advantage for ink jet printers.
  • For a moderate budget you can use digital printing. They directly print the digital image on paper. They are fast but lose some finer details of imaging.

Choosing an appropriate printing partner is equally important. Decide on your printing style, be ingenious about your designs and get the best out of it with Inkdrops printing services in Dubai. We make your printing an experience.