What Things Should Be Kept In A Presentation Folder?

Posted on: April 17, 2015

The presentation folders are one of the useful advertising tools that every business person should use. Presentation folders are used to store everything together so you can deliver an impactful presentation that will bring a good result. Whether you are wishing to give a business presentation or just handing out the information at events, using presentation folders are an excellent way to organize conveniently all the necessary marketing tools together. Presentation folders are an important tool to store the information. You should pay more attention while printing presentation folders for impression and economy. A presentation folder should be design in a way that it must tell your customers who you are actually before they even open it to see what is inside. Now what to put inside the folders? Following are the things that you should be aware of.

Business Cards:

It is very essential to put your business cards in your presentation folders even if you have already handed it to the customer. Business cards are used to promote the product or brand. Your contact information is more important than anything else at the corporate level. Business cards generally bears name of the company, its logo and contact details. In presentation folder, you must carry business cards as these folders have a slits to hold cards.


In order to give detailed information about your company, you must print the brochures or booklets. You should carry these brochures in your presentation folders at every important event. A brochure commonly bears general information about an organization like about their products and the services that they offer. Do not mess up the presentation folder with an unnecessary thing that is irrelevant to the marketing message you are trying to send.

Posters and Charts:

If you are giving the presentation which typically involves number of charts or graphs, you can keep some copies of posters and charts inside the presentation folders so that your customers can take a look of them during your meetings. It is also a useful advertising tool that will help you in getting multiple consumers.

Notepad and Pen:

Inside the presentation folders, it will be very useful to keep notepad and pen so that you can easily note important things down while meeting going on. This thing is very important to consider that you are very thoughtful and paying attention over each and every detail. On the notepad and pen, you should print the contact information and logo of your company. Do not strictly let any advertising space to go waste at all.

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