What is Pop up Banner?

Posted on: September 7, 2013

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Pop up banners are portable, promotional branding banner which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events or for campaign. Pop up banners are full of color & graphics boards with an integral patented Pop-up frame. They have proved to be a great effective marketing tool for promoting business and even brands, messages and events. Pop up Banner is a quick, flexible and lightweight with graphics and tags it promotes your message or brand very effectively.

We offer Straight Pop up, Curved pop up, original spring pop up, mini pop up, pop up part and many more


  • Straight Pop Up Banners

    • Panel Sizes
    • 3×3 Pop Up Straight
      • 3 front panels and 2 side panels
      • Front panel 75cm (width) x 230cm ht.
      • Side Panels 67cm (width) x 230cm ht.
    • 4×3 Pop Up Straight
      • 4 front panels and 2 side panels
      • Front panel 75cm (width) x 230cm ht.
      • Side Panels 67cm (width) x 230cm ht.
  • Curved Pop Up Banners

    • Special Attractions
      • Finish: Oxidized Aluminium
      • Color: Silver
      • N.W.: 9.50kg
      • G.W. : 12.00kg
      • Dimension: 60 Cm Diameter Ht. 230 cm
      • Graphics: 64cmx230cm
  • Material Used

    • Aluminium
    • Steel
    • PVC
    • Plastic
Style Size(M) Price
2.3M height
pricing-style-img 2.3 X 3.465 Call or Email
2.3M height
pricing-style-img 2.3 X 3.465 Call or Email

How Pop up Banner Helps Your Company?

Pop up banner are customizable so the exact message that is aimed to grab attention of potential customers can be place on it which ultimately leads to business growth. Each popup banner is printed digitally with high quality and with customized graphics.

How to Design a Versatile Pop up Banners?

Pop up banners can be design with various sizes, shapes, colors and materials. It is one of the most effective advertising medium that can be used in the most impressive manner. The two important factors you should be concerned about when designing the elegant pop up banners for marketing purpose are images and text. As you know that, a picture speaks the thousand words. Make sure the images you are using in the banners are clear, professionally edited and explain exactly what you want to say or offer. The second factor is the text you display on your pop up banner. Including the lots of paragraph could make it clumsy. So, better is to stick to short and direct wording for the potential customers.

What are the Advantages of Pop up Banner Printing?

Pop up banners bring advertisements and they are ideally suited for indoor or outdoor event as well.
A popup banner will ensure maximum exposure of your product, services, business brand or messages, which may be indoors or outdoors with an affordable price.

Want to Print Pop up Banner in Dubai?

Pop-up banners will meet different goals you can use one to display messages more prominently, or to encourage visitors for specific products or services and lots more. Ink Drop offer wide range of pop up banners or flags available in different size and structures. Portable displays and pop-up banners created by Ink Drop are known for their quality, benefits and costing. Graphics for pop up banners are printed in full color with photo graphic quality on non curling material which is visually appealing and long lasting. With flexible building options pop-up stands become ideal to your trade show, events displays needs.

Ink Drop Offer highly effective, affordable pop up banner printing in Dubai

As we offer customize, portable, light weight and cost effective pop up banner which will match any promotion or marketing materials.