How Pocket Stamps Make Your Work Easy

Posted on: November 9, 2013
How to OrderIt’s simple – just follow the steps below and within One Day of your design being approved, your Company Stamp will be ready and delivered at your doorstep for free!

  1. Select your stamp from the types and sizes below and send us the Model Number and select the color of the stamp – (any one Color from Red, Blue, Black.)
  2. Email us a scanned copy of your valid Trade or Commercial Licence.
  3. Email us the text or design you would like on your stamp
  4. Our Designers will email you the design draft for approval. After approval the stamp will be ready in One Day and free delivered to your doorstep.
  5. Payment can be made via 3 mode. 1) Western Union 2) Cash 3) Paypal
Options: Black Ink Pad Blue Ink Pad Red Ink Pad Green Ink Pad
Impression Size Price
JGF – H52 32mm * 32mm AED 89
JGF – H53 42mm * 42mm AED 99
JGF – H54 38mm * 14mm AED 99
JGF – H55 47mm * 18mm AED 99

Stamps unlike old times have many applications in arts and designing. Accordingly they are available in different forms, colors, and shapes in the market according to its usability. They are now easy to carry as they do not need a stamping pad to be carried along with your stamp. Pocket stamps are now simpler to carry as they can as the name suggests fits into your pockets.

Stamps are a necessity for your business as they are the identity and individualize your company from others. As a company has a separate identity they also need a separate signature, stamps of logo are used as a signature of your company. Stamps authenticate your company documents and authorize it.

Why Pocket Stamps Are Used?

With the rapid growth in market the trade is done faster than previous times. Everything has to be done in lesser time than your competitor does to keep pace with the competition. A little time delay may result in losing an important client from your hands. Consider if you fail to close the deal just because you took getting a stamp on the documents from your office. You may definitely not prefer this.

If you are a marketing person or need to be constantly moving for business then you may not afford to go to your office for every single stamp you need. Pocket stamps are a life saver for you at that time. They not only save your time but also easily fit in pockets.They are self inked so those additional fussy Ink Pads are not required.

pocket stamps are also used by people for art and craft that require creativity. The self inked pocket stamps are a must in their toolbox. An advantage of self ink stamps are that they give more than thousand precise and crisp prints before they need to be refilled.

Where to Get Self Inked Pocket Stamps?

The sleek model looks sophisticated because of it elegant design. You can get these stamps easily online. You can choose your purpose and order a stamp online. Ink Drops printing services in Dubai provide you stamps at a click. You just have to choose and send us the model number and we take care of the rest. Make an order online at Ink Drops printing services to get the best pocket stamps in whole of UAE. We provide quality stamps at affordable prices.