How Plastic Cards Are Advantageous For Your Business

Posted on: November 15, 2013

Business cards are one of the major and basic sources of contact details that a person can handout easily. Business cards are your business identity and represent your company when they are handed to client. Hence designing and printing your card is a crucial affair. Though there are many types of business cards you must consider choosing plastic business cards because of their many benefits.

Plastic is a robust material yet it gives an elegant look when used for different purposes. Plastic cards are one of the business cards that have many advantages over others. Let’s look into some of the advantages of plastic business cards.

  • Full colour either on one side or both the sides
  • Credit card size (8.6 cm x 5.4 cm)
  • Rounded Corners only

Print time 1-2 weeks.

Quantity Price
200 Cards EMAIL
500 Cards EMAIL
1000 Cards EMAIL

Why should you use plastic business cards?

  • Plastic cards are highly durable. They can sustain almost every calamity like water, weight, scratches etc. unlike normal business cards. That means even if you crush it, forget it in washroom, or give it to your cat they will still have the same quality.
  • The durability gives you an advantage of the possibility of your card remaining with your client for a longer period,ultimately improving your chances to make new customers. Plastic business cards also remain clean and free from dirt and other factors like folding and crushing which is common with a paper card.
  • Although they are rough and tough they still posses the elegance and beauty in them. Plastic is now available in different colors or can be customized according to your wish. It does not have restriction in designs and shapes. Moreover the colors look brighter on a plastic card than a paper card. Inkdrops Printing services in Dubai provide you with a variety of plastic cards and designs.
  • When it comes to cost plastic business cards are comparatively cheaper than other cards. It was old times when plastic used to be a rare material which made it costly. Now there are many varieties of high quality PVC plastic from which cards can be made at a cheaper rate.
  • Plastic cards are more impressive than a paper card as they have thegrace in them and look vibrant. Plastic business cards can be molded in different shapes and exceptional designs not possible in other materials. If you willing to impress your client at a lower cost plastic business cards are a best choice to do so.

Where to Print Plastic Business Cards In Dubai?

Ink Drops printing services in Dubai provide you business cards with a quality statement and brilliant designs that will surely make your sales boost.