Metal Business Cards


What is Metal Business Card?

First impressions count a lot leave an unforgettable impact on your valued customers with our state of art which never let you down and surely gives an edge over other design metal business. Metal business cards are photo chemically etched with magnifying precision piercing engraving and cutting gives you eye catching design. The metal business cards look spectacular, don’t worry about the sharp edges those where the days of past in fact with Ink drop edges are smoothed and rounded to ensure the safety with extreme precision cutting. They’re printed using an anodizing process that ensures we ensure that our metal cards scratch and stain resistant.

Print time 3-4 weeks

Quantity Price
100 Cards In Each Name AED 1200
200 Cards In Each Name AED 2200
500 Cards In Each Name AED 5000

Want to make Professional Metal Cards in Dubai?

Metal business card is one of the most professional business cards that give a powerful and unique brand identity. Metal business cards approach in an unconventional and an out of the box thinking to ensure that clients receive an impactful image of the company. In today’s business world impressions means everything, these professional metal business cards printing in Dubai are the best choice for any business professionals and company.

The appealing feature of metal business card is it raises effect by beautifully designing the metal cards. We offer single side brushed, texturing and glossy finish design. We are specialized in creating and delivering beautifully etched metal business cards printing in Dubai. The look and feel will remain in excellent condition for a longtime.

Where to Print Metal Business Cards in Dubai?

In light of the immense creativity metal business cards printing Dubai . At Ink Drops not only give unusual look, but it’s a statement that you have an edge over others, we are glad to offer premium quality printing services in the major cites of U.A.E like Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah and Abu Dhabi for an influential representation.

How to Order Metal Business Cards Printing in Dubai?

We offer Metallic business card printing in Dubai which is durable, lightweight and feature with protective rounded corners engraving for visual appeal and safety. Our metal business cards orienting in Dubai makes a statement on clients. Manufactured from quality metals using state of the art photo-etching in an affordable price.

Features of Metal Business Cards?

  • Engrave or custom cut any text, logo, design, or pattern
  • Add color to any engraving
  • Scratch resistant ink printing directly on metal
  • Standard, brushed, textured, single side mirrored finishes
  • Credit card size (8.6 cm x 5.4 cm)
  • Rounded corners with engraving
  • Unusual and eye-catching design
  • Durable and likely to be kept
  • Premium quality metal with rounded corners
  • Choice of background color, and matching polished raised elements