Make An Impression With Metal Business Cards

Posted on: October 4, 2013

When we think of business cards first thing that comes to our minds is the beautiful colored or elegant business card made of paper. Have you ever thought how can your business card be differentiated from other paper made business cards? The simple answer to it would be’not much’ unless you have designed it extra-ordinarily. Ink Drops is a professional in business cards printing Dubai.

Normally used business cards are vulnerable to many factors. Over a period of time they are bound to fade because its basic material is paper. They may get creased or stained after some time when handed over to the client. The better solution to this is use of metal business cards. Metal business cards are not only sturdy, but they also look also very sophisticated.

Imagine two cases where a businessman gives a generic business card to a VIP client and you give your polished, gold plated or black metal business card. It is obvious that chances of you being remembered are high because of your impression your business card makes on your client. Well begun half done goes the proverb. All you have to do is get the deal in your favor.

Benefits of Using A Metal Business Cards:

  • Metal business cards give a lasting impression on your important clients. They look extremely professional and are best to use for a first meet.
  • They have a long life, paper cards wear and tear in some time, but metal business cards remains with your client until he loses it by mistake.
  • Technology has enabled higher precision in providing fine finish to the metal business cards and it has also made possible to engrave as per your wish. The cutting and engraving is sharp and stunning.
  • You can choose customized shapes for your cards. The cutting can also be in the body of the card to form various patterns or designs. The size can also be customized to reduce the budget, they are mini sized but still very impressive.
  • These alluring metal pieces have a variety types to choose from like stainless steel, gold plated or silver plated with aluminum body. They can also be made from black metal or Rose gold which looks refreshing and graceful.Many other colors can also be used.
  • The best part is that they are coated with anti-corroding material so it won’t be a problem if they get wet or are exposed to air.