Letter Head Printing In Dubai

Posted on: March 23, 2016

Letterheads are legal requirement of every company. Letterhead refers to the whole sheet imprinted as a business letterhead is part of first formal communication with the client. They authorize the matter written on it and assure people about the certainty of the document. Letter head are formal way to exchange information which acts as an conformation or proof between you and your client or vice versa. Letterhead act as advertising and marketing tool by giving the details and helps in making companies image in customer’s mind.

Letter Head Should Not Be OverLoaded And Should Have Plenty Of Space

Letter head are equally important as that of business card as they individualize you from many others company so special care has to be taken while designing it. The main purpose of your letterhead is to provide information about your company. A letterhead is basically the heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper. That heading usually consist of logo, company name and address, contact name, phone number, Fax number, E-mail address and background layout. Don’t add unnecessary information. The letter head should not look overloaded and should leave plenty of space for the letter itself. Ink Drops in Dubai offers well designed and printed letter head with plenty of space.

Ink Drops Offers Quality Letter Head Printing In Dubai

A well designed printed letterhead has the power to grab the attention of the clients. The quality of paper used are of equal importance and holds higher business value. Ink Drops offer high quality Letter head printing Dubai . The size of the letterheads are usually A4 sized. There are different types of paper available at various range of price. Letterhead are usually printed on one or two types of paper bond or text. For bond, the most popular basis weight are 20# and 24# while for text paper the most popular basis weight is 70#. As people from all over the world enjoy doing business in Dubai there are many companies in Dubai which print Letterhead, Ink Drops printing services in Dubai is one of the renowned name in Dubai, we offer timely and affordable printing service. Contact our sales professional or browse our website to get the best deal on printing services all over Dubai, UAE. Order with us!