What are the Business Greeting Cards Etiquette’s ?

Posted on: May 19, 2014

Importance of Business Greeting Cards

Well-designed business greeting cards help to enhance your current business relationship. Greeting card can attract the new customers. Business greeting cards are one of the mostly used communication tools nowadays. It is most personal form of the communication as well. When it comes to the point of holiday business greeting card, the question arises that card is to send or not to send the business related people.

Once you have decided to send the cards then you will have to decide the things such as who to include in your list, what kind of business greeting cards to choose and most important how to address an envelope with some nice message. Greeting cards also help to show appreciation to the supportive clients.

Business Greeting Cards Etiquette’s

If you are running a business then try to use proper business greeting card etiquette’s. What is well meaning gesture can offend the people you want to impress when it is not done properly.

Buy Quality Greeting Cards

Try to give good quality business greeting cards to express that you value your clients and colleagues. Scrimping on the selection of greeting cards can be interpreted in number of ways. Giving quality business greeting cards help you to throw out long lasting impression on the customers and clients.

Sign Greeting Cards Personally

Though you have already printed information on the business greeting cards such as your name, but you need to add your own signature handwritten. The most tempting business greeting cards should have your personal signature and the short but sweet handwritten message.

Handwritten the Address

Try to avoid computer generated labels and used to handwritten the address on the business greeting card. It will impress your customers and clients. Using printed labels can be impersonal and looks like mass mailing. You can save time and money too, but can lose clients in the process.

Mail the Cards to Home Address

Mail the business greeting cards to the home directly if you know the address. Do not forget to include the spouse name. The card is not sent to both husband and wife at the business address unless they both are working there.

Use Titles on Greeting Cards

Do not ever forget to include the titles on cards whether you are sending it to the couple or an individual.

Be Appropriate to Message

Be sensitive to the each tradition and give the business greeting cards occasionally. Make sure your message is appropriate for each individual. It helps to feel them pleasant.

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