How To Display Posters For Product and Service Promotion

Posted on: September 21, 2013

Every strategy in marketing aims at reaching out to people. It is very essential to have an effective strategy to make an impact and attract your customers. Posters do the job for you more efficiently. Posters attract customer to walk in and buy a product or attend an event. One should careful while communicating to the customers via posters. While a poster can attract customers it can also make a negative impact on your customers.

Posters are used nearly in every different business like entertainment and FMCG. They are used in hotels, malls, shops, events, and places where promotions can be done. They are the best way to reach to the major market. Apart from promotions posters are also used as a motivational tool in offices and institution premises. Posters with promotional quotes are put up in office entrance and inside the premises to keep the enthusiasm high in employees.

Normally rectangular 24×36 inches posters are used. But you can be innovative and try different shapes and sizes in posters to make it attractive. Making it attractive is one of the job but displaying it at places where it can be effective is an important part. Here are some ways in which you can display your posters.

  • ‘U’ shaped poster pockets: This is a U shaped slot, where a poster can simply slip in and out easily. They are most cost effective type of display and easy to update. They are easily available in all sizes in the market. U shaped pockets are generally made of 2mm acrylic.
  • Clip Frames: They are affordable display method of displaying a poster or graphic. They project small grips that clip directly on to the poster itself. They can be used on walls, ceiling and even on windows.
  • Standard Cable or Rod Poster Displays: These posters are suspended from the ceiling, and they are effective for marketing. They are printed on both the sides as both the sides are visible. They are available in all sizes.
  • Poster cases: They are poster cases which can be locked. They are made of aluminum frames and have a hinged door to secure the posters. They are used either when the posters are delicate or location is insecure.
  • Light panels: They are latest panels and are very attractive. They are used with LED lights at the back. These frames look most attractive when used on colored walls. These frames can also be suspended from the ceiling.

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