How Business Cards Affect Your Business

Posted on: September 16, 2013

The most basic and very essential form of marketing is done through business cards. Business cards are mandatory for your business. Customers create impression about you in the very first meet. Half of the credit goes to your first impression if you seal the deal. By first impression, I mean your attire, the way you present and the manner you create a channel for further communication. Business card is part of the last step and it remains with the customer. It keeps reminding the customers about your company.

The cards depict your position in the company apart from the stated content. They are the best formal marketing tool. These tiny cards make a great impact on your business. They act as a directional tool when you finish your part of convincing the client. Client takes your card, reads it once he gets home or when he needs to make a deal with you. Your card should be such that influence your client’s decision.

“The simpler the better” strategy does not work with business cards now a day. You have to be creative with your business cards. By not simple, I don’t mean that you can use all the funky dark colors and images. You have to be intellectually brilliant to design a card that is elegant but not boring.

How to design your business card

  • First step is to decide the paper or material for your business card. The feel of your business card is important. Do not try to go for cheap material; it will not pay you back. Push your limits and think of something that is artistic and new. You can use handmade paper, normal glaze paper, or different metals if they suit your budget.
  • Design your cards according to your company or product category. For instance, do not try to make a rugged looking card for flower shop; they can be good for sports accessory shops.
  • Picture cards have your photograph on it. They are effective as an image is formed in the person’s mind about you which he remembers and associates with your company.
  • Utilize your cards as a discount coupon or as gift voucher that will help you to track the response from customer. You can also include QR code to do that. Include a good quotation, or important website or a map on the backside of your card.
  • Arrange your content in the best possible manner, which makes it easy for the reader to find the necessary information. Include every contact detail through which you can be reached.

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