Gifting In The Corporate World

Posted on: September 3, 2013

The little things you do for your employees are very important to them. It may be a word of appreciation, a token or a gift article. Monetary benefits not always stimulate the employees and over the time they are perceived as a right of an employee rather than a gift. Gift articles remain with them for a longer period and are a great motivation as it revives them.

Gifts are usually given on celebrations, festivals, appraisals etc. They are a token of appreciation and the best way to show how the person is valuable for you. It shares happiness and enhances the relationship between company and its employees.


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Gifting has become a trend in the corporate world in recent years. Companies try to find the latest and trendiest corporate gift items. Gift articles are also used as a promotional tool. You can use small objects like watches, pens, notepad, belts etc with the company name printed on it. Apparels like T-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts can also be used as promotional gifts.

The gifts should be different for different ranks in the company as ‘equal for all’ policy may turn out to be discouraging or it may demotivate some. You should also be very careful about choice of the person and his need, for example a mixer grinder for a young employee as a gift would not be of much use and seem unpleasant. A survey should be conducted to know your employees better.

The gifts can be of various kinds, tickets for a movie or a football match, a gift voucher of an adored beauty parlor, family dinner in a fine dine, home appliances and assorted chocolates. Promotional gifts should be the ones that are used daily like office bag, coffee mugs, pen holders and more.

Few things to be considered while gifting:

Be appropriate: Take care that employee is given the right value of present, undervalued or overvalued gifts create an unnecessary competition and grievances. You should be very clear about why a particular employee is receiving the particular gift.

Timing: You must give the gift in the stipulated time. Gifts have value when they are given in a particular time frame. Giving it before or after that renders the gift invaluable.

Presentation: How you present a gift is also very important. They should be nicely wrapped with attractive materials. Packing gives a first impression about your gift. So be careful. Write greetings wherever necessary and make it a point of writing names of the person to be gifted.

Gifts also portray your company standards, therefore be prudent while choosing your gifts. Ink Drops provide corporate gifts item at affordable price in Dubai and nearby area. The main reason to choose Ink drops is because we are one of the leading corporate gift suppliers in Dubai.