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Posted on: April 28, 2016

Business cards are cards which contain useful information about a company. It also contains information about the person incharge. It contains name of the company, giver’s name, its contact information like contact number, street address, telephone number, email address and website.

These information are usually printed on the card in a very well-known manner. The basic information is very useful for the person who wants to avail the facilities of the company. A lot of importance is given to the design and font of the card so as to attract more clients. Business cards act as a communication channel between the two.

Providing Classy Business Cards in Dubai

To grab the attention of a client, these cards are designed giving special attention to its look at Inkdrops in Dubai. Business cards are printed on a high quality paper so as to preserve it for a longer duration. Different colors and fonts of texts are used. Some images are also used on it. The printing method, it’s cost and size vary as per individual preferences. Normally digital presses are used. Cards can be made using different languages. Business cards varies globally. Inkdrops offers best quality Business Cards printing Dubai service.

Give an innovative touch to your business cards

The Business Cards must be easy to read, should not be much colorful, easy to carry, simple in look. If the cards are for professional purpose then they must look sober and hardly use two or more colors. The words must be easily identifiable-not too small and not too big.

Some of it’s types:
Recycled cards: These are eco friendly cards.
Digital cards: Professionally much more preferred.
Round corners: it’s better than the cards having square edges.
Metal cards: It is very impactful on the clients.
Plastic cards: Plastic cards are much more long lasting and durable.
Spot UV cards: it is very glossy and gives a shiny, sparkling look.
Premium cards: It is laminated on both the sides and is not much costly.
Mini and square cards: these are very popular and much preferred due to it’s conventional look.
Foil business cards: A thin metallic layer is applied on the card.

Inkdrops in Dubai offers High quality Business cards

Usually the cards are expected to be given to the client during his first visit so that he will make use of it for the next time. So while making a business card, it must be kept in mind that it must attract the customer. Not all the details but the important basic details must be printed on it. After all, a business card leaves an image of the company on an individual. Business cards are often the first item received by people so make the most of it. Make it strong and should leave a positive impression. Inkdrops in Dubai, UAE offers a large variety of Business Cards at an affordable price.