How to Print a Foil Business Card?

Posted on: November 19, 2013

Finding an efficient way to impress your client? Foil business cards puts an end to your search. The unique and elegant cards do a lot more than just impressing your client, they portray your professionalism, work nature, discipline with just an average sized business cards. So design it carefully with the beautiful foil stamping.

What are foil business cards?

There are many impressive techniques for business cards printing Dubai and one of them is foil business cards. The text or the image is imprinted or rather stamped through a foil instead of the normal printing ink which gives it a glossy look. It particularly shines when it catches the light. These impressive cards accentuate some parts of your card which makes it look even better.

If you want to directly cut a deal and make a mark in front of your bosses and clients, foil business cards are a very good option. Business cards are a tried and tested marketing tool as they form the first chain to form a link in your business. Foil business cards make you stand out in the pile of cards already existing with your client.

Foil stamping is an old technique which was used for other purposes, but now they are creating revolution in business cards as they are unique and eye-catchy. These stylish cards are simple to make and need not a highly sophisticated technique to make one.

How to create a foil business card in Dubai?

Foil stamping is a simple technique, but it requires a quality print to make it look elegant and worthy. Hence choose your printing partner carefully.While processing a business card your chosen designs and plain text are printed onto the card to form the basic print of the card. The foil is later added to the card separately.

The process may differ from machine to machine but generally computerized technique is used to stamp the foil onto the business card. The 0-1 technique or the black and white technique is used, where while printing the black area is stamped with the foil. This is done with the help of mask file technique. The black area is the design where you wish to use the foil.

The foils now are available in different shades which appear attractive and graceful. An advantage of foil business cards is that they look great on all backgrounds dark or light. So get a primary marketing tool printed with the best printing services in Dubai at Ink drops printing services. We provide efficient prints at affordable prices.