What Are The Etiquette’s of Corporate Gifting?

Posted on: December 13, 2013

Maintaining business relation is a prerequisite for the business to prosper. Study says clients prefer deals which have a more personalized relation than only a formal relation. They tend to avoid some of the flaws in your deal knowingly, if they are unavoidable, because of the relations you maintain with them.

Gifting is a very efficient to express that the person is important and you value him. But keep in mind gifts do not mean the deal is done. In any way never try to even hint the person or force the person to think that the gift is a bribe. If you want to build a healthy relation, gift appropriately.

Here are some etiquettes of gifting you must remember:

  • While you gift keep in mind the person you are gifting. Get to know the person and his likes and preferences. Gift him accordingly.
  • Be more personal while giving a gift, send it to home address if you have one, rather than office. It gives a friendly touch and attaches more sentiments to your gift.
  • Try to write the message with hands or if it is not possible at least the name of the person should be handwritten.
  • Include your name and company name on the side of the card you are attaching.
  • Remember you are not marketing with the gift. Avoid giving promotional articles to important clients.
  • The gift should attach a value to it. Understand how the person is important to you and gift accordingly. Treating everybody in the same manner will not yield results
  • Choose a gift that suits the occasion, and do not gift anybody without a reason. Either there should be a festival or some celebration in your company. Giving the gift before a deal may seem immoral.
  • When gifting your employees or colleagues a separate protocol should be followed as they are co workers and you know them well.
  • Make sure you do not forget anybody even by chance as this may hurt the person very much.
  • If you are boss make sure you gift carefully, your gifts are more valued by employees. Any wrong move may lead to some misunderstanding among your employees.
  • Gifts can be home appliances, a dinner in a good restaurant, sweets etc.

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