Parades, Aerobatics And Fireworks In Dubai National Day Events

Posted on: September 19, 2014

With a host of celebrations taking place, United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Day is celebrated in many ways. National Day is celebrated with happiness and spirit of unity. There is a lot of preparation and excitement that goes on for this day. Just a few days before of 43rd UAE national day, all the shops and stores will fill up with all different types of UAE national day gift items like UAE flags, key rings, car and party decoration accessories, hair decorations for girls all in the colors of the UAE flag. To celebrate Dubai national day events in a big way people will hang monster size UAE flags from their homes either from the balconies or from the roof of their houses and some may even light up their trees in the garden with lights in the colors of the UAE flag in the preparation for the day.

In Dubai Nation Day Events Are Organized In A Grand Way

On the actual day of UAE national day, at many centers in Dubai national day events will be organized and various UAE traditional sword dances like Liwa, Haban, Ayyalah, Harbiya and Mated take place near the Corniche on the grass, in the center of the malls or at Heritage Villages. Since everyone has the day off, they go out with their families to the parks and gardens or the Corniche with their children, while some will go for picnic and to watch a massive fireworks display some will stay near the Corniche.

Competitions Are Held For Best Decorations In Events

In UAE there are also many competitions and special Dubai national day events are organized held throughout the UAE like traditional dhow boat racing, camel racing, international boat racing and some special UAE national day events like Best Decorated Car and Classic Car in flag colors which are displayed at the Corniche in Abu Dhabhi, the capital of UAE and the best car to win receives a prize and stays displayed.

Ink Drops Offer Best UAE National Day Gift Items For Such Events

Ink Drops is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of such UAE national day items like badges, key chains, pens, bottles, watches and many more as various educational institutes and some schools perform competitions, parties and concert on UAE national day. Our national items get involved in all National Day Activities and even in business they have competitions with such prizes to be won and have a party. And this celebration of Dubai national day events will be end with laser displays and fascinating fireworks.