Digital Printing

What Is Digital Printing?

It is the method of printing from the digital based images directly to the variety of media. Digital printing describes the process of transferring an image or document stored in a computer onto a printing media such as paper, card or even textiles. The image will automatically split into four basic colours i.e., cyan, magenta, yellow and black (referred as CMYK) and the print engine then prints these four colours overlaying them exactly to reproduce the particular image on the screen. Digital printing is significantly different than that of traditional method like offset printing or litho printing. Offset printing requires the original image to be split into four component colours and then a plate is made for each colour which is physically loaded into a printing press for the further process to begin.

What Are the Various Types Of Digital Printing?

Digital printing solution uses the electronic files in the print production. It requires two types of equipment to produce it which are Digital Colour Printer and Direct Imaging Press. The three different types of digital printing are variable data, on-demand and web-to-print. This method of printing has many advantages over traditional printing solution. Variable data printing uses database-driven print files for the mass professionalization of printed materials. Archival digital printing is one of the methods which include real photo paper exposure prints on watercolor paper using pigment based inks.

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Printing Over Offset Printing?

Digital printing method has several advantages over the offset printing. Digital printing techniques give the designers many options of substrates to print on due to its non-contact printing type. This eliminates the distortion of images that occurs in other process like screen printing. Also it does not require harsh methods of holding the substrate in the printing press, hence giving number of options of substrates. This means that substrates such as cards, very thin papers, fabrics and even ceramics can be safely printed on offering the client more choice and options in designing.

What Are The Applications Of Digital Printing?

Digital printing is basically used for personalized printing solution. Consider for example, children’s comic books can be customized with a child’s names, photo books, or any other short run books of varying page quantities and binding techniques with the digital printing services in Dubai. With the solution of digital printing, one can directly send images to the printer with digital files such as PDFs etc. It can be less expensive and less time consuming too for the production of short runs.

Do You Need Digital Printing Services in Dubai?

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