How To Design Effective And Beautiful Desk Calendars?

Posted on: November 21, 2013

Calendars are required day in and day out and with it on your desk work becomes very easy. Desk calendars are a convenient way of using calendars. Calendars are used to write notes and mark some important dates, having it in just an arm’s reach reduces the unnecessary time required. If required they can be carried too wherever you go in a bag or a purse. Hence, it is important to consider calendars printing Dubai to get quality calendars.

Apart from office purpose they are also very popular as a gift article. Desk calendar acts as a marketing tool when they are used as a gift to give it to your clients and customers. It is a very good promotional tool as it stays with your client 365 days and every month you have a new product to promote.

How desk calendars can be used?

Desk calendars are generally used for office purpose but they can also be used for personal use. Get your old photos scanned, get printed on the calendar and gift it to your loved ones. It will become are a remembrance for them not just for one year but for all the years to come. Different flower prints or cartoon prints can also be used along with it.

When you say desk calendar its only one thing that comes to your mind that is rectangular small sized calendar. But calendars can be artistically made by using it in a glass showpiece, acrylic frames of different shapes and colors which are beautiful to gift.

What to keep in mind while designing a desk calendar?

For whatever purpose you are designing a calendar, make sure you print it before hand. If the intended person receives it late by even 15 days, it doesn’t matter how good looking your calendar is because they already started using the ones that arrived before yours. Special care has to be taken while printing it.

While designing desk calendars as a promotional article make sure you create it very attractive and refreshing as they will see it for a whole month. Try to give information other than your products to, like some necessary dial numbers, unknown facts, motivational quotations etc. if possible give a theme to your calendar or associate it with a cause.

Where To Print Desk Calendars In Dubai?

Getting it printed with a right printing service is also important to get the Quality in stipulated time. Printing quality affects your image as they represent your company. Ink drops printing services in Dubai is the best place where you will find quality at affordable price.