How To Design A Banner

Posted on: November 1, 2013

Banners are an ever green method of marketing and promotion. It is versatile means of marketing where you can promote, announce, declare etc. Being the most exposed manner of marketing it can target hundreds of people at a time. It is one of the most cost effective yet a very successful manner of marketing. Banners are also very user friendly as they do not need any specialized method for installation or technical knowledge to install.

Apart from being versatile in usage, banners can be designed according to the place of installation. For example roll up banners can be used for indoor purpose, flyer banners are used for outdoors, vinyl banners can be used as name boards for shops etc. Banners are a vital weapon when you go out in the battle field for selling.

Here are suggestions to design your banner to make them effective for marketing.

  • Decide the type of banner your marketing strategy requires. Placing the right thing at the right place is important. Choose the type i.e. roll up, vinyl or flyer etc. according to your place and requirement. Budget also plays an important a role in choosing your banner.
  • Banners come in variety of sizes. Whatever type of banner you choose, come in variety sizes that can be fit for your purpose, for example roll up banners come in size range from table top to three wall banner. Opt for the size that is most suitable for the strategy you planned.
  • Designing is the crucial part of banner. If you want your banner to stand out among other banners, make sure you get it designed very precisely. Try to design it in a different manner than usual. Associate your banner with a cause or use some illuminators to make it attractive.
  • Do not be tempted to include as much data as possible in the banner. Consolidate your data and choose your words and phrases carefully. Do not try to use technical jargons as they are of no use. Highlight the need of your customer that will be fulfilled by your product to grab customer’s attention.
  • Colors are important as different colors attract different category of people. Colors depict energies so use it wisely on banners. For instance mature and reputed people like sober and decent colors.
  • Images add life to your banner. Nothing can communicate well than a well chosen image. They are also retained by people for a longer time and prove to be more effective.

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