What To Gift in a Corporate Sector

Posted on: September 28, 2013

In a business it is very important to maintain relations with your customers and at the same time keep your employees motivated. To make this possible you need to take some efforts as it translates into company’s growth. Gifting is one of the simplest ways to do this. Gifts can be really effective if presented appropriately.

Gifts are not restricted only to articles that were traditionally gifted. It is important to conduct a detailed study about your receiver’s preferences and liking. Though in appropriate gifting may not harm your company but it may turn out to be of no use. Though the gifts should not be given with an intention of receiving something in return, they must at least make an impression about you and be a remembrance.

Some articles that can be gifted:

  • Food Items: It is said that stomach has a direct connection to heart. They are a very popular gift items;all you need is to present it properly. These gifts can be in form of sweets, chocolates, or vouchers of a new food outlet or dinner in a 5 star hotel.
  • Tickets to shows or matches: Many people are fond of watching a match in a stadium, may be a football or a cricket match. People find it hard to take out time from their busy schedules for such entertainments. Ticket to a famous football match or a musical show or an act can be a pleasure to them. Your customers may cherish such gifts.
  • Stationary Articles: Office related items like pens, table clocks, notepads, can be used as a promotional gift articles. They should be properly chosen and customized as per your requirements. Low quality material may lessen your company’s image. Office article have an advantage that they always remain with your receiver as a remembrance.
  • Personal Items: Personal items are also very popular as corporate gifts. Low range items like t-shirts, belts, wallets etc. can be gifted. Expensive gifts include a complete personal care hamper of an esteemed brand,other gifts include Perfumes, wrist watches etc.
  • Home Care Items: They are generally high range items and are given to important clients or employees. They may include microwave ovens, mixer grinders, DVD players, washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc.
  • Gift Cards:Where you cannot customize the articles with your logo, attach a simple greeting card with a wish. Put your name and print the company logo and tag line on the greeting card. Take care that you print your cards nicely.

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