Best Online Catalogues Printing Services

Posted on: May 21, 2014

According to research published by ‘Business Insider’, shoppers tend to spend more on buying online after they have seen a lavish print ads. Statistics shows that nearly 12 billion catalogues were mailed to shoppers in 2013 alone. Interestingly many online retailers have of late started experimenting with print catalogues, one of them is Bonobos, a men’s clothing company. The company admitted that almost 20 percent of their first time buyers have placed orders after they have received the company’s catalogue. These shoppers also tend to spend more time shopping on website compared to shoppers who have not received their catalogue.

Many online retailers are taking the help of Online catalogue printing Dubai for their printing needs. Direct mailing the catalogue to the potential customers is a quick and efficient way of putting your products in front of them. It is one of the highly effective medium of marketing because a catalogue not only speaks to your customers about who you are and what you are offering but it also powerfully pitches promotional offers and makes ordering a breeze for the buyers.

However, just like any other direct mail marketing material, a catalogue must also standout from the crowd of competition and should get noticed. It is only then that the sales can be realized. A ‘professional Online catalogues printing services’ provider help their client come up with high quality catalogues that can impress a shopper and highly influence their decision making ability. For a nice impact, a catalogue should be printed on a high-quality paper stock that will not easily smudge or tear in the hands of the customers.

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of color catalogue printing service an ‘Online catalogues printing service’ providers provide, a short-run catalog that is printed in small quantity and a bulk catalogue that is printed in large volume. The bulk quantity catalogue printing is perfect for small to medium size business. In bulk catalogue printing there is a consistency in quality, whether be it a gift catalogue or a clothing catalogue or be it for any purpose. However a short run printing is good for personal use, where the order quantity would range from just 20 pieces to even 150 pieces.

Turnaround time varies from printers to printers and depends on various factors such as the quantity of catalogue to be printed. Usually turnaround time starts from the time client has approved the proof and has made the payment.