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What are catalogues?

Catalogues are a booklet which contains all the specifications about products of your company.You can use one or two pages for a single product according to its features that are to be included in the catalogue.This gives an idea about the product to the customer and persuades them to order it. Hence quality catalogue printing is essential.

  • 150gsm gloss artpaper including cover pages
  • Printed in full colour
  • Stapled in the centre (saddle) & trimmed to size

Finished size:

  • A4 = 21 cm x 29.7 cm
  • A5 = 14.8 cm x 21 cm

PP’s = total number of pages including the cover pages
Please request a quote if you need a heavier cover – for plain paper booklets see photocopying page

Print time 5-7 working days
Please request a quote if you need more pages or a larger quantity

Quantity 4pp 8pp 12pp
500 AED 939 AED 2319 AED 3250
1000 AED 1379 AED 3059 AED 4250
2000 AED 2379 AED 4857 AED 6500
Quantity 16pp 20pp 24pp

All the details of a product cannot be included in every marketing tool. The minute details,though being extremely important, prove to be a commotion in some of the promotional tools. Catalogue solves this problem because it is specially made to convey even the finest details to the customer. They have an advantage of space and specialization over others.

When to print a catalogue?

Catalogues are printed when there is a need to educate the customer about the features of the product in depth. They are important to attain the competitive edge because a customer compares all the features of other brand too while making a purchase decision. This acts as a crucial point in your business because even if you make aware the customer about your product it isnot fruitful if you fail to convince them to buy one.The catalogue printing services in Dubai help you design your catalogues in an efficient manner.

How prints of your catalogue can affect your business?

Catalogue printing is an important part of your marketing strategy.You must print catalogue with great care as the graphics play a vital role in building an image of your company. As the catalogue contains complete details it should be attractive enough so that a person can get through all the data. It should have colored images printed of your product in an offset printing to get the best results. A person visualizes the product when he sees the image and then relates the features with it.

Inkdrops printing services in Dubai provide you with best in class catalogue printing. We have trained professional that expertise in printing catalogues for businesses.

What are the Benefits of Having Printed Catalogues?

Customized Catalogues has been around for longer. Many well known organization use catalogues for their marketing plans. There are many printing service providing company available that helps to print the efficient catalogues for the business use. You must come across some of the eye catchy catalogue designs and of course you were attracted towards that particular brand. It is one of the popular choices in business advertising tools for so many years. The main reason you can say behind this is its low printing rates with the maximum benefits. Professional printing of catalogues can serve to be a unique and long lasting advertising tool for any business industry.

Why to choose Inkdrops for catalogue printing in Dubai?

Do not ask for cheap printing services, here at Ink Drops we provide quality printing at affordable prices that we guarantee is not a very handsome amount to pay. We are the catalogue printers that help you design your catalogues too besides the printing. You can also get your other stationary printed while printing catalogues like flyers, brochure etc side by side.

We give due diligence to your time and always try to deliver the consignment before time. We understand your specifications thoroughly to deliver the best you expect from us.We have professionals at your service all the time. We strongly believe your success is a part of ours too.