Why Calendars are Great Marketing Tool?

Calendar is one of the most effective and long lasting business marketing tools which will remain throughout the year over desk or wall. Calendar is impressive yet affordable corporate gifts. When it comes to schedule particular task, meeting or events the first thing it comes to mind is calendar. A well designed calendar will surely grab attention whether it is pocket calendar, card fridge calendar, table top calendar, desktop calendar or wall calendar its impact the mind on a positive way.


Card Fridge Calendar

Magnetic strip on back


Desk Calendar

Ideal for Table & Desk

Online Calendar Printing Service in Dubai

With online calendar printing service in Dubai you can now choose from wide range of landscape or designing option for your customize calendars. With Ink drop you can find the best printing calendar services in Dubai at affordable price. Promotional calendar are the best way to promote your business brand in the palace where people can see it round the year.

Where to Find Custom Calendar Printing Service in Dubai?

A well designed or customize calendars is one of the most professional marketing approach that are used by several business owners throughout the year. We offer custom calendar printing in Dubai were you can easily display and market companies product or services. We offer high quality calendar printing services with the latest printing techniques which make us the top printing service in Dubai.

Why Ink Drop

  • High Quality Printing with Latest Techniques
  • Full Color throughout
  • Standard and Custom Sizes available
  • Durable
  • Low cost calendar printing

What is the Benefit of Calendar Printing For Your Company?

The benefits of using a customized calendar printed are endless. They set good impression of your company in the client’s eyes that you have the power to control. Using calendars leaves the long lasting impression to your potential customers. You can use customized calendars as the showcase of company’s achievement also. If your organization is involved in the creative side of things, then you can use the calendars as the artwork of an up and coming artist or images of your work. A personalized calendar helps you to retain customer’s loyalty. Unlike the pamphlet or ads in magazine, calendars are the one which will not be thrown out for a whole year. Hence, it ultimately helps to grow your business in the corporate world.