Calendar Printing For Marketing And Promotion

Posted on: September 27, 2013

Calendars are used in our day to day life in offices, homes, shops etc. Calendar can be a used for various purposes like planning an event, keep a track of something and the best use can be for promotion of your company. Customized calendars are an effective tool for promotion as they remain 365 days on your client’s desk reminding them about you.

Why to print a calendar?

They are generally distributed as promotional gift articles to your employees and customers. The main advantage of calendar is that it has enough space to describe your company products. It can act as a brochure of your company. Include one product on each page and you can have complete details of 12 products on each page. You can have in all 13 pages to exploit which can be very beneficial if you do efficiently.

When to print a calendar?

Calendar should be printed well before the year starts. You must print it 3-4 months before because distribution also needs time. If you give your calendar after 1st Jan, they may already have an alternative to it. Then even if your calendar is good it will be a complete waste.

Things to be considered while printing a calendar:

You have enough space to distribute your data on the calendar, so organize your data to utilize the space. Take care of the month on which you are printing your product details. If your product is seasonal print the product that is used in that month.

Make sure you include only that much data that influences the customer. Technical details are not necessary and may appear cluttered. If a person is interested he will contact you for further details.

Do not forget to include your contact details on each and every page. This is the only reason you distribute your calendar for. You may not afford to lose a client just because he was not able to contact you or he was just lazy to turn around the page to see your contact details.

Use images that are appealing to your customers. For example, if you are into food and beverage industry, try to include images of dishes that can be made by using your product; in other words focus on your customers need and not your product while describing it.

Highlight important dates in your calendar like festivals, holidays, industry related dates etc. the dates should be visible from a distance, do not forget the main purpose of calendar that should be fulfilled.

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