Different Types of Calendars And Their Purposes

Posted on: October 10, 2013

Calendars are still used in this modern era of smart phones and tablets. Major population in Dubai prefers to look up at a physical calendar than digital calendars for dates and marking events. Calendars remain throughout the year with your customer therefore it acts as a crucial marketing tool. Custom calendars printing Dubai is popularly utilized by many companies for marketing and promotion.

A part in marketing is about not letting your customer forget you. This can be fulfilled with the help of a calendar. It is kept right in front of them and keeps reminding them about you all the time though inertly. This proves to be really effective in marketing but highly depends on how and where you get the calendar printed.

Calendars can be designed in variety ways ringlets exception. All you have to do is be innovative. They are generally printed as a gift article or as a coupon or invitation etc. They have many purpose and types of which some are mentioned below.

  • Business card calendar: If you associate a beneficial thing with the other one, they can give you double benefit. Same is the case with a calendar and business card. We all know how important business cards are in a business. If you print calendar behind the business cards, it will remain with the client and can be used for highlighting major events. Only a month or two calendars can be printed due to space issues but they may prove really effective. It gives an opportunity to update your business cards.
  • Desk calendar: Desk calendars have the maximum visibility than any other type of calendar. They are highly useful hence it is used by many people to quickly write down dates and important notes. Design the calendars artistically so they can be kept as a show piece. They also look good to give as a gift article. Make sure you print your logo in a manner that is most visible.
  • Wall calendars: They are big size calendars and have an advantage of space over other calendars. You can display full product information on each page and this way you can promote 12 different products in a single sweep. But do not try to print everything about the product in a single page. Be specific and think about the customers need before printing. They are most commonly used as a marketing tool.
  • Poster calendar: They have all the months printed on a single page. This is an advantage when you have to see more than one dates at a time or schedule an event according to the current date. Care should be taken about the graphics as it should look attractive all-round the year.

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