Bopp Tape

Printed BOPP adhesive tape

  • Material – BOPP Film
  • Adhesive – Acrylic water base
  • Thickness – 40 to 52 micron
  • Size 48mm
  • Roll Length – 50 yards
  • Colour – Clear, Brown, Milky white, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Orange, and many mor
  • Coloured BOPP adhesive tape, Printed BOPP adhesive tape
  • Strong waterproofness, good heatproof performance, can work in the higher and lower temperatures
  • Smooth print surface and good printing ink
  • No rupture, no glue falls and easy to slit

What is Bopp Packaging Tape?

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene popularly known as Bopp packaging tape which have become very popular & highly used growth adhesive tape on the world market because of a unique combinational properties such as better ability to seal, shrinkage, transparency, stiffness, twist retention and barrier. Based on a special molecular structure and stabilization of the resin, these homopolymers provide optimum mechanical and optical properties, as well as excellent process ability. BOPP packaging tapes are used in various applications including pressure sensitive tape, flexible packaging, printing and lamination, metalizing, stationary, and cable wrap & insulation.

How Bopp Packaging Tape Help you?

High quality and high performance BOPP packing adhesive tapes can still keep the good property even in the extremely bad climate for example, extreme rain or hot conditions, it is suitable for the goods sealing and packaging of warehouse, sealed container goods loading and to prevent the cargo from theft and illegal open and so on. And all the sealing and packing tapes are of various colors and shapes or with different patterns on it.

Give Personalize Touch to your Bopp Packaging Tape

Bopp packaging tape has good puncture resistance performance, anti-buffer strength, and price & performance ratio is quite good. It has a high tensile strength, transparency, tear strength, waterproof, dustproof and good retraction force. Ink Drop provide high quality customized printed packaging tape which will surely draws a attention to your package. Personalize your packaging system with branded printed tapes that include your company name and information. We have the resources to call upon wide range of innovative Bopp packaging tape in Dubai such as double sided tape, masking tape, printed packing tape and lots more.