Custom Banners For Promotional Events

Posted on: September 14, 2013

While promoting an event, it is very important to converse with your customer. When it is not possible for you to speak with every passer-by personally, your banner does the job. It visually communicates your purpose and details about your company. Banners play an important role in promotions and are the best tool for marketing. They are used since a long time and are effective in attracting customers.

Why banners are used?

Banners are used in every big and small event. They are generally used for official events like trade shows, meets, inaugurals, business conferences etc. But now a day they are also being used in weddings and other unofficial events too. Various banners are used for their designated purposes and you can design it according to your event.

Banners convey your message in a simple manner. They state the agenda of the meeting or purpose of the event. They are also used as a welcome greeting and a good advertising tool when it comes to marketing. They give a great deal of details about the company and the products that are to be marketed.

Types of banners that can be used:

  • Street banners: These are usually vinyl banners that are used in promotions of an upcoming event. They are pasted or tied with ropes on streets as the name suggests. A street banners have to be well designed and effective as it targets mass audience. They are very rewarding as the number of viewers is large and varied.
  • Feather banners or flying banners: These are very attractive and eye catchy banners are named so because they flutter with the air. Their fluttering diverts attention of the viewers towards them and this is an advantage while promotions. They are normally used near entrance.
  • Retractable banners: Retractable banners or roll up banners are convenient and sophisticated banners. They take less space and can be placed anywhere with the help of its footings. These independent banners have less graphical space but are alluring to customers. They are generally used in trade fairs and to make last minute entries.
  • Pop up Banner displays: They are similar to the attractive retractable banners. They are supported by a rack and can be used as a back wall. They very effective in attracting customers. Different light effects can be used to enhance the appearance of these kinds of banners.

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