What Are The Varieties of Attractive Metal Business Cards

Posted on: January 6, 2014

Information exchange is a necessity in a business. Your information only makes the customer reach you. Spreading a word about you is not an easy job in today’s competitive world. And spreading it rightly is again a tougher job. Both should be taken care of while designing a business card as it is the most basic form of informing people about you.

Business cards make the first impression on a person and channelize further communications. Make it impressive enough to influence the person to be your customer. Business cards represent your company and yourself too in many ways. For instance a crushed business card may not seem very impressive and cast a dark shadow on perception of your personality. Metal business cards are sophisticated and striking cards which can easily persuade high profile customers to be your clients. They have their many advantages over others.

Types of metal business cards

  • Normal metal cards: They are cards that look like a normal business card but are made out of stainless steel. They incorporate all the benefits of a shining metal card like robustness etc.
  • Mini metal cards: if you have a lower budget then you can go for these cards. They are made of same material i.e. stainless steel or if you wish they can be made from other metals too. They also look very novel because of their size and the metal used.
  • Colored metal business card: They are the most alluring pieces nobody can fail to notice. They come in all the colors you may wish to have. The colors look very attractive on metal business card because of their unique sheen.
  • Black metal business card: Made from the black metal these cards are very impressive and can overshadow the person owning it too because of their look. They give a rich look to your cards and are not very shiny. They are generally 200 to 250 microns in thickness. Its perfection depends on the maker of the card and the machines use to make it.
  • Designer metal business cards: Metal business cards can be engraved with many beautiful designs. They definitely can make a mark on your client and have a distinct image about you. They look marvelous because of their customized designs but can lighten your pockets generously.

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