All about Letterhead Printing

Posted on: June 30, 2014

Your customized letterheads are more than just simple business stationery. They are in fact precious advertising tools if used in the proper manner. Letterhead is as important as your logo and name of company. It is one of the most important representing documents for your company. A letterhead has its own set of importance as well as usage priority. Printed letterheads are a cool way of publicizing the name of your organization. It is a legal document of your organization which represents your business. You might be sending out number of letters to both current and potential customers every day. So each time a customer receives any correspondence from you, they see your name on the customized letterhead. Nowadays, the letterhead has a wider reach than even brochures or business cards.

Important Components of letterheads

Essential components of a letterhead are your organization’s logo, your brand name, your contact information and your business slogan. It not only serves as a means of correspondence but also a physical representation of your organization in front of your current and potential clients, employees as well as for government. Hence, it is very crucial to provide only correct information on letterheads. Even when you are sending out a simple letter means you are generating publicity for your related company. If you have taken care to design your letterhead properly, your clients will surely connect your brand with your company. When your company name comes up, your existing clients should recall your company slogan. Your clients should recognize you simply on the basis of your business logo. You can achieve this level of brand identity simply by using your customized letterhead very effectively.

Common Uses

A letterhead used in all business correspondence as a legal representative of company. Usually a letterhead is only a piece of business stationery used for both internal and external communication purposes with various departments within organization as well as other organizations. Letterheads are one of the great tools for building your brand as they aid to remind the customer of the products you sell along with your business slogan. It helps in establishing your corporate identity and to connect your logo and brand name with your business which in turn establishes brand loyalty. It actually helps in identifying you with your products and your logo. Letterheads are generally used for making organizational purchases, HR related issues, making quotations, sending business proposals and many other. A customized letterhead helps to make an identity of your organization that distinguishes it from other similar organizations.

Creating Impressive Designs

It is a part of a very effective business package. If you want be impressive it is one of the useful marketing tools. The letterhead has the power to enhance the company’s credibility. It implies your corporate reputation, which means it is the one responsible for convincing your potential customers that you have a professional image. In order to have a good professional image for your company, you have to create cool letterhead designs. In creating your letterheads, it is must that you ensure to make use of a high quality printing materials. Another thing to take into consideration for printing is to match your letterhead with the envelope. Try to use letterhead paper compatible with the envelope paper. This leaves clean and corporate look on the customers.

Main Benefits of Using Creative Letterheads

It helps to raise the credibility of your organization. Your letterhead contains your organization’s logo, name, street address, email address and contact details. Therefore, as your prospective clients receive them, it gives them due importance and do not consider them fake. Professionally designed letterhead gives your brand an established and distinctive look. Every company desires to work with only those organizations which maintain their high standards and have innovative ideas. With the help of this business stationery, you can show to your prospective customers a small demo of what they can obtain by getting associated with your organization.

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